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Butterfly Collage
Butterfly Collage
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Upcoming Classes!

Ready to really to know the ancient wisdom of healing and all its modalities and fields?  Look no further.  Come and learn and be empowered to your greatness!  Learn about yourself, holistic medicine, energetic medicine and all things whole and healthy! Then go and help others with the knowledge you have obtained.  These classes are better than any college courses you could take for your future going forward!  These are must have trade skills for life! 


These courses helped me gain considerable knowledge in herbal medicine.  For those who want to gain a strong foundation in herbal medicine this is the course for you.  Dinah provides you with a strong basis in herbal knowledge and gain hands on experience with making herbal medicine. You will never see nature or medicine again after this course.  -J. Valadez

"These courses changed my life; I have taken the Family Herbalist Course and Energy Healing and they have given me the confidence to start my own holistic business! 

-J. Knight

Taking the energy healing course with Dinah was profound. This course enhanced my current medical profession.  Dinah is deeply knowledgeable with so much to teach and share. -S. Fancher 

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