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The Tree of Life Energy Healing course is a 12 week course with a 1.5 hour class each week.  This class is a certification course for those who want to take the exam.  

This form of energy healing is more advanced than the basic energy models many study here in the U.S., like Reiki and Chakra.  The Tree of Life model is the primordial, original, Biblical model that these systems have come from.  This particular system I designed comes from 20 years of working in the energetic systems of the body.  I have taken this primordial system and created a practitioner program that I currently use with my patients/clients.


This ancient model has been hidden and has only been used throughout the ages by those who obtained this knowledge via a Master or Teacher. This energy healing system teaches the truths of the mechanics of the soul and its energetic properties, and how to heal through the soul system which in turn heals the body.  In a world where Reiki and Chakra seem to be the only models, I am excited to present this ancient system to you, how to work in the mechanics of the soul energy system to correct the emotions and the physical imbalances of the body. 



Week 1:     Introduction to Vibrational Medicine & Subtle Energy Therapy

Week 2:     The Tree of Life Energy Healing Model 

Week 3:     Energy Medicine & Kabbalah 

Week 4:     Grounding, Breath & Handwork 

Week 5:     Polarity Therapy 

Week 6:     Setting Boundaries, Inverting the Empath, Protection from Negative Energy 

Week 7:     The Soul & Its Energetic Components 

Week 8:     Using Water, Crystals, Letters, Frequency, Essential Oil in Healing 

Week 9:      Acupressure & Meridian Work for Healing 

Week 10:    Review & Preparation for Final Exam 

Week 11:    In Class Hands On Healing Exercises in prep for Test 

Week 12:    Final Exam for those students who are taking it 


Throughout the weekly classes we will be doing hands-on healing training so that upon your graduation you will have a very comprehensive model to go forward with for yourself and for others.  You will need to also have someone in your home or friend who you can also practice on for your homework projects. 


  This course is $750 plus the text books and you will need to purchase the Tree of Life Energy Healing Kit which is $75. You can pay half down before the first day of class to reserve your spot and the rest is payable two weeks before your final exam. You will not be able to take the exam if your account is not paid for in full.  Also, you must pass with a 70 to receive your certification. This class is held on Thursdays from 10-11:30. 


Please contact me at for more information or to sign up.  The classes are limited to 10 people per course.  You can make your payment by cash, credit card and through paypal at please send as a friend so it doesn’t take out fees, if it does I will have to refund the transaction or you will need to pay the difference.  

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