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My Approach

My approach to health and wellness is to assist, equip and support you on your healing journey. True healing comes from a person having a desire to be healed and to make the necessary changes in order to produce an environment for healing. 


Healing is different for everyone, but the greatest way to heal is being empowered to do so.  I use the holistic approach and model for health and wellness, which means I look at all the areas of your life; physical, emotional, spiritual/energetic and how they are playing a role in your overall health.  I am not here to restrict you, force you or tell you how to make the necessary changes to live a healthier life, I am here to give you tools, education, direction and support and it is up to you to implement those suggestions into your life.  


Together we will work to reach your health & wellness goals and to develop a deeper understanding of what holistic lifestyle is all about.  

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