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Sensing Spiralling Healing Energy - male  hands reaching up and sensing an ethereal spiral



This is a 12 week course for certification to become a Chakra Practitioner. 

Do you want to get to the root of healing? Do you have a passion for helping yourself, your family and your community?  The Chakra Balancing Course comes to provide an ancient model of energy healing via what is termed the “7 Chakras”.  Chakra is a Sanskrit term for “energy wheels”. The ancients in the East understood that the body lived off energy, contained a energy circuit system to process the flow of that energy and that at the energy could be distorted and even blocked so that our body would go into a state of dis-ease.  


 From the water you drink, to the food you eat and the cosmic energy you receive, these energies come to create a vital life force in you called Chi/Chai. (Chi/Chai=Life) .


This particular model of energy healing works with 7 energy centers located along the center column of the body which is attached to the endocrine system. Your body is unique in its requirements for health, so it is vital to understand the energies at play within your body and in your external energy field.  


Your energy centers can become blocked due to pain, suffering, trauma, drama and other negative acts.  When they become blocked the light or energy coming in cannot flow properly through the body system, like an electrical system in a home.  When the light or energy flow is blocked then weakness sets in and the body system begins to deteriorate.  Disease sets in. 


Chakra Healing helps clear those pathways so that the light force and energy can now move freely throughout the body again.  Restoring the body back to balance, facilitating healing and even preventing dis-ease if done on a regular basis. 


Now more than ever do we need to understand the energetic system of our body and how it works.  We are living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with ‘dirty frequencies’ and negative energy.  The trauma and drama we see unfold globally has an affect on us all as all of creation is connected.  We must be diligent to learn the tools necessary to help us remain open to receive the light force and energy that is required to have optimal health.  This model of healing is one way to do that.  


Join Dinah Miller, Holistic Practitioner and Master Herbalist on a 12 week journey into the Energetic Body, Chakras and Beyond!

This course is a certification course to become a Chakra Practitioner.  This course is 12 weeks of one hour classes.  The classes will consist of learning the concepts of Chakra energy healing and hands on clinical work. 

The course is $750 which can be paid half down to secure your spot in the class and the difference is to be paid before the final exam. 

The final exam consists of doing a 30 minute Chakra Energy Healing Session on a client of your choice.  The session will be observed and graded.  Upon passing you will receive your certificate.  Certificates will not be issued until all accounts are paid in full.  


Textbook:  Chakra Bible, P.Mercier

(purchased by student)


Please email me at to sign up.  Payments can be made with (preferred) cash, check, credit card or Zelle.  If you pay with any other app that charges fees you will need to include the fees into your payment.



Class 1: What are Chakras? Endocrine System and Exercises


Class 2: Root Chakra: Kundalini, Creating Sacred Space, Exercises


Class 3: Sacral Chakra: Dance/Tantra, Exercises


Class 4: Solar Plexus: Becoming Confident, Exercises


Class 5: Heart Chakra: Opening Heart Space, Exercises 


Class 6: Throat Chakra: Sound Therapy, Exercises


Class 7: Third Eye/Brow Chakra: Building Intuition, Exercises


Class 8: Crown Chakra: Unlocking the Power of the Mind, Exercises


Class 9: Beyond the Chakras: Kabbalah, Tree of Life and Distant Healing 


Class 10: Create your Healing Session 


Class 11: Final Exam 


Class 12: Graduation 



“I have been working in holistic medicine in Waco for over 20 years.  My students get all of me in the courses I teach. You are not only gaining the wisdom of the course work but 20 years of personal experience of working in energy medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, spiritual counseling, bio-energetic medicine and beyond.  I am passionate about teaching and sharing this wisdom. Humanity needs it now more than ever! “  


                                -D Miller, CMH HP KP


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