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Herbal Medicine

Family Herbalist Certification Course


The Course

This course is a 12 week course.  We will meet once a week and the classes are approximately an hour long.  


This course is designed to teach you the basics of herbal medicine and how to use this wisdom to bring health and wellness to your family.  This course is a series of classes that you can receive a certification of completion in upon finishing the course work and passing with a 70 on the final exam. 


What this course offers: 

-One on One training with a Clinical Master Herbalist & Holistic Practitioner.  Most online classes or home study courses are not one on one.  You have the opportunity to have one on one training which I believe is vital for the transmission of this information.  This is how the ancients and even the modern herbalists received their training via personal apprenticeship and personal training. 

-Gain confidence and basic knowledge to take care of your family & beyond!

-Become empowered, more self aware and intune with your body & health

-Learn what a healthy lifestyle is and how herbs & holistic medicine works to bring health

-Learn how to make Simple Home Remedies that heal seasonal illness 


Week 1: Herbal 101: So, you want to become an Herbalist: What is Herbalism? 

Week 2: Whole Medicine Systems vs. Allopathic Systems (Home Project: Case Study)

Week 3: How Herbalism Works: Constituents & Actions (Home Project) 

Week 4: Working with your medicine: Design a Home Herb Garden (Home Project) 

Week 5: Setting up your Kitchen Farm-acy (Class Project)

Week 6: Herbal Teas, Tinctures & Syrups (Class & Home Project)

Week 7: Herbal Oils & Salves (Class & Home Project) 

Week 8: Herbal Pills, Baths, Poutlices & Compresses (Class & Home Project)

Week 9: Basic Materia Medica (Home Project)

Week 10: Dosage, Safety & Efficacy (Home Project) 

Week 11: Herbalism at Home: Healing your Family (Class & Home Project)

Week 12: Test: “Taste & See” (final exam and each person brings a herbal delight to share)


$750 for full course (includes lab kits. TEXTBOOKS SEPARATE) you can pay all up front or 1/2 down one week prior to class starting. This insures your place in the class and helps me plan on how many students will be in the class.


The remaining balance must be paid by the 10th week of the course. Certificates will not be issued if there is an unpaid balance or you have failed the exam.

Exams can only be taken twice. You must have your tuition paid one week prior to class starting.  


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