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Waco Herb Co.
We are in the process of creating a space for  Waco Herb Co.  This will be similar to our old Herb Shop we had on Tyler Street but with a twist! More information coming soon.......... 

Want signature herbal tea blends, pregnancy herbs, compounded herbal medicine? Clients needing refills of products? Please call.  You can pay online and we can ship the products to you or you can come and pick them up.  

Herbal Compounds

Hand blended teas & herbal compounds from organic/wildcrafted herbs


Flower Essences

We use Australian Bush Flower Essences to restore and bring emotional balance

Herbal Supplements

We use pre-formulated herbal supplements and plant based extracts.

Essential Oils

We proudly use Plant Therapy Essential Oils.  Compounded blends available.

$35/10 ml bottle


Homeopathics are used to bring balance energetically! 

Signature Tea Blends

Hand made by the Herbalist, Signature  tea blends

ZenT, SleepyT, RelaxT

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