EMUNA/energy Therapy

Emuna is Hebrew for "Beyond Faith."  The word embodies a complete & transcendent belief that produces peace. Peace in all things, good or bad.  In order to be healed we must have Emuna.  We must trust that everything the Creator has made is ultimately working for the good and therefore we work for the good, even more so in illness and imbalance.  Emuna Healing is a Torah based model and system of healing that invites our Creator's healing light to bring healing to our soul and body. Emuna Healing Therapy is used for emotional release; using Ancient Hebrew prayers, Hebrew letters, Kavanah (setting intention) and the Tree of Life technology to open blockages,  structure of the body to be open to receive the light of the Creator to bring healing to our body and soul. If you are not comfortable with these specific prayers, please feel free to add your own.   

Did you know that the Hebrew words בריאה (briya) –“creation” and בריאות (briyut) –“health” share the same Hebrew root ברא (bara). These words clearly show us that without connecting to creation our health is impaired.  We see this by living in a synthetic world, where we connect more to synthetic or refined processes rather than natural processes.  This is changing; mankind is realizing he cannot continue to live this synthetic life as it brings more imbalance like stress and dis-ease.  Ultimate healing only comes through engaging Creator and creation and taking a more natural approach to our lives.   The key to taking care of ourselves is Emuna (Beyond Faith) and removing the veils that block the life-giving energy of the Creator to flow freely within our entire being producing healing on all levels.  


This intense, energetic and emotional release session uses prayer, meditation, essential oils and energy work to unblock and remove negative energy and infuse the Creator's light into the body and soul. Emuna Healing brings  life, light, and closeness to our Creator which in turn brings ultimate healing. 

Emuna Healing Session (1 hour)   $85