PURE/energy Therapy
Using the Tree of Life model for bringing balance and healing to the body

You have heard of REIKI and CHAKRA, but have you heard about the TREE OF LIFE healing system? This is an ancient system, that is found in the ancient wisdom of the Torah.  This system is said to be the meta-system that governs all of creation.  In fact it is said that the other healing systems in the world came from this original system. This course will be to introduce you to this old-new healing system and how to become a practitioner of this system.  This system is more complex and in depth as the others and it does not have to have the practitioner doing hands one work which can lead to transference of distorted energy or more imbalance.  You will learn to use tools to do that work for you. 


Science is catching up with Spirituality. How? We are understanding more and more that we are made up of pure energy. That energy has been called by the ancient faiths the soul/spirit.  The ancient modalities and models of healing where based upon healing the energetic being, bringing flow and balance back to the body. The Tree of Life Energy Healing Session is used to alleviate blocks in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. We are tri-une beings and our health and wellness comes from having the physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual aspects of ourselves in balance.  Torah-Kabbalah teaches us that all of creation is spiritual, divine energy, that densified into physical matter, at the Fall of Adam, as the story is transmitted in Torah. This is why Kabbalah views spiritual health to be inseparable from physical health. Being created in a two-fold manner, body and soul, both need healing and balance and if one suffers the other does also.  



















Tree Of Life Energy Healing System




In order to correct the energetic imbalances I use the ancient Jewish-Kabbalistic model of healing called the Tree of Life or Sephirot System. This Tree of Life Technology system uses the ten sefirot, or channels of Divine life force that are opened and cleared to allow energy flow back in. Unlike the popular, Chakra Model, the Tree of Life Model works on the three pillars of the body, the right, left and center.  It is said that the Dalia Lama stated "You cannot talk of balance with the Chakra System, as it is only one dimensional," he suggests we look to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life Model for true balance.


The sefirot are expressed as ten manifestations of Divinity and they reflect how the Divine is projected into all of creation.  They are the vessels used to bring in the light of the Infinite down into creation. The Kabbalah tells us when the Infinite made us in its image, it was by and through this circuitry system. It was the Infinite's system of communicating to its creation via this circuitry. The ancients teach us this is how we receive the Light of the Infinite into our lives.  It is through this system of energetic vessels that the Light of G-d permeates us.  When imbalance comes into our lives, many times it is caused by trauma that has closed off these vessels/sefirot.  When the vessel/sefirot are closed off we cannot receive the Light of the Creator and therefore it makes it difficult to receive healing, wholeness and spiritual growth. The pain and suffering many of us feel is due to this energetic system not functioning properly.  The awareness that it even exists is a step toward how to heal the body & soul.  


Just as prayer, meditation, good deeds, forgiveness and loving our neighbor are ways of opening ourselves back up to the Light of the Creator and bringing balance, so is recognizing our energetic body system and taking the necessary measures to balance it via energy therapy.   

A Jewish Prayer: "Asher Yatzar"confirms we are energy.  It says, "Infinite, who formed the human with wisdom (chochmah), if one of these (vessels) be open or one (vessel)  be closed it would be impossible to exsist and stand before You (Infinite), blessed are you the Infinite, Healer of all flesh, working wondrously" 


Embedded in the flower of life is the circuit system of all creation! 

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