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Who is the Adamic Woman?  She is the Supernal Feminine Dual-Energy (gyn-ergy) who absorbed in the Supernal Masculine Energy (spine-rgy) creates a unified prescence of the Supernal Infinite within herself. 

What is her Mission? To assist people across the difficult threshold of meta-morphisis/transformation that demands a change in patterns & consciousness. To assist in the "rites of passage" of ceremony, traditions, births, marriages, burials, the levels of life elevated.  The Adamic Woman, through her elevated state, elevates everything around her.  She assists in helping people discover eternity, the eternal flame, the meta-structure, meta-temple and to see their world and G-d now.  She teaches from her mouth and prescense the Cosmogonic cycle of Emantion, Birth, Transformtion and Dissolution. 

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